LA’s FInest [Pilot] Series Regular NBC
Beast Lead Dir. Natalie Peracchio
Cattle Call Lead Dir. Rondell Sheridan
Astronaut Camp Lead Camp Hollywood dir. John D’Aquino, Shane Brady
Oliver Fagin Boy Florida Rep Theatre
Winnie the Pooh Flower the Skunk Florida Rep Theatre
Surfer Dudes & Merry Mermaids Merry Mermaid Alliance of the Arts
Scene Study, Audition Technique Lori Lively Private Coaching
Scene Study, Audition Technique Chelsea Ricketts AFA Studios, Private Coaching
Scene Study, Cold Read/Improv Cynthia Bain Cynthia Bain’s Young Actors Studio
Pilot Camp Cynthia Bain Cynthia Bain’s Young Actors Studio
Scene Study, Cold Read/Improv Dennis LaValle Lavalle Actors Workshop
Cold Reading, On Camera Amy Lindon Private Coaching
Camp Hollywood John D’Aquino John D’Aquino YAW
Character Development, Improv John Beck John D’Aquino YAW
On Camera, Improv Japheth Gordon John D’Aquino YAW
On Camera, Scene Study Shane Brady John D’Aquino YAW
Making Funnies John D’Aquino Standing Oh
Scene Study Techniques Ezra Weisz LA Acting Camp
Disney Improv Ezra Weisz LA Acting Camp
On Camera, Cold Read, Monologue Sarahi Diaz Universal Casting
Voice Over David Babich David Babich Studios
Voice Lessons Claire Hosterman Claire Hosterman Studios
Voice Lessons Renee Urbanobich Private Coaching
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