Orli’s short film, ‘Beast’, is featured on Indie Shorts Mag

Orli's short film, 'Beast', is featured on Indie Shorts Mag.

From writer-director Natalie Peracchio comes a visually captivating short about another-level sibling rivalry. It is perhaps unfair to call it a rivalry because the odds are stacked starkly against one.

The film has a smooth colour palette, fashioned with pink overtones and minimal shadows. It exhibits a dreamlike, trance-like quality – as though the inside of the head of a tormented child who has withdrawn there for escape. The metaphor is well imagined and visualized, given that the film takes place in an attic. Real life sisters Arielle and Orli Gottesman play the two characters. Orli as the younger sister takes centre stage, a captivating presence, helped along by DoP Ted von Bevern’s visualization.

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